A day at the slate mine – A day in “slate’s soul”!

Good for students, good for the class!

An excursion to our historic roof slate mine provides your students with an unforgettable experience in a unique environment, both above and underground. In the Nossertal Valley, you’ll discover all kinds of old mining landscapes reclaimed by nature, with numerous historic tunnels and waste heaps, vineyards, and mixed forest. 70 m underground, you’ll experience the eerie, unusual atmosphere of a pre-industrial roof slate mine (duration of underground tour: approx. one full hour). Our programme of activities will also offer you and your students a short yet informative experience in a unique setting.

Teachers are provided with an information folder as preparation, while the mine and  mine trail hunts can be organised independently.

The event is held outdoors (open-air pavilions), so please bring weatherproof clothing!