KIOSK WeinStein


After your hike or visit to the mine, you can enjoy some refreshments at the cosy new bistro. Apart from snacks and ice cream, we also serve  coffee, Thomm cider and other beverages.

You are also welcome to catch some rays on the terrace in front of our mine kiosk. You too can have coffee and cake on the “Kaul”, or meet for a morning pint on the mine heap. Take in the atmosphere of the Nossertal Valley with spectacular views of the historic montane landscape.

And when the weather is bad, we don’t leave you out in the rain. Our slate-roofed pavilions are large enough to shelter even larger groups.


The Fell winegrowers have always been known to produce good wine, champagne, schnapps and liqueurs.

And we can offer you a small selection of these at the Fell display mine: in bottles (to take home with you, gift-wrapped) and at the bar. Try the Fell wine, which has aged in the warmth of the local slate slopes. We sell a limited range of affordably priced wine, schnapps, champagne and liqueur from selected Fell winegrowers who have been mastering the art of growing wine in the local slate soils for generations